About us

The creations of Taurus jewelry design studio embodies a dialogue between classic and modern culture in a duet of the highest quality gemstone and precious metal. A synthesis of what is timeless and recognizable, what is close. The jewelry is nourished through time and work, through years of experience and constant deepening of professional knowledge.


The history of the Lithuanian jewelry brand Taurus created by jewelry designer Tauras Blaževičius began in 2012 growing out of the jewelry brand Dorė which had been under development since 2002.

Tauras Blaževičius honed his jewelry profession mastery in Germany. Later, through his own consistent creative exploration, combining classical handmade jewelry crafting techniques with modern technologies, it grew into the recognized symbol of meaningful luxury in the Taurus jewelry design studio that we know today.

All Taurus jewelry is crafted in the workshops of the Taurus jewelry design studio in Vilnius.

“We create jewelry. You create their story.”

– Tauras Blaževičius.